Business Expansion, growth
and internationalization

About us

quienes_somos_360x227Practical Team is formed by specialized, independent and freelance professionals that provide everything each client requires as per the agreed strategic, business or entrepreneurial plan.

We operate under the following philosophy: Projects & Targets, through which we make your company “our company” always working alongside the company’s first management level, offering two options:

vin?eta Complementing the already existing team within the company and developing specific tasks for particular and defined targets.
vin?eta Becoming the professional team the company needs and not the one it would be forced to have, to set and/or implement projects of these characteristics.

We meet the needs of any kind of company and sector, and in particular, those of entrepreneurs and SMEs that require:

vin?eta To transform their commercial or entrepreneurial activity.
vin?eta To find new business opportunities.
vin?eta To export their products.
vin?eta To internationalize their activity.
vin?eta To promote or make their services or product portfolio known.