practicalteam_gestion222 February 2016


project description

bTactic is a company specialised in free software, open source and cloud computing solutions.

bTactic is integrated by a multidisciplinary team with a broad experience in corporate environments and Communication and Information Technologies (CIT)

One of bTactic’s objectives is to bring the Open Source and Cloud Computing technologies closer to companies and organisations, professionalising the analysis, design and implementation.

The Free Software and Open Source tools are supported by a large community of developers that evolves and improves its functionalities constantly.

As part of this community, bTactic participates directly in the entire process of software adaptation, parameterisation and implantation to the requirements identified during the analysis and consulting of their clients.

The company’s “turnkey” services are intended to satisfy an important part of the needs in terms of company Information Systems, thus minimising the return of investment times and facilitating implementation.

Practical Team delivered the following services to bTactic:

  • Advisory service