practicalteam_gestion222 February 2016


project description

Catalonia Engineering Solutions is the trading name of Catalonia Academic Developments Center, S.L.

This company provides services to engineering companies and business in general. Specialists in piping (facilities design, P&ID, stress calculations and 3D lasergrametry), hydraulic calculations (water hammer) and high pressure.

Catalonia has designed, built and patented a test bank to carry out pipe collapsing tests (casing collapse tests) that operate at 1700 bar, reaching 2500 bar during the testing stage. Other activities of our company include:

  1. Selling technical support for piping, hydraulic calculations and design of high pressure equipment.
  2. Training and support of the software mentioned.
  3. Consulting and project execution services

Practical Team delivered the following services to Catalonia:

  • Activity internationalisation
  • Advisory service