practicalteam_gestion222 February 2016


project description

CETEA is a consortium of companies in the energy and environmental technologies sector, created in 2012 as a result of the merger of three companies whose aim is to offer an integral energy saving solution to both their domestic and international clients.

CETEA is integrated by the following companies:

  • SATEL: private equity company, independent form manufacturing, fitting and building companies, engaged in offering integral engineering services for electrical facilities, gas networks and telecommunications infrastructures.
  • TAFYESA: Specialised in engineering and innovation in the field of automation and remote management. Its projects typically show an efficient integration of automatons, software and communication networks that allows the affected systems reaching an optimum performance with a minimal power consumption.
  • VEA GLOBAL: Engineering and technical consulting company specialised in energy and environmental project management. Coordinates and develops all the necessary aspects to define the project, control the execution of works, and carry out the processing and financing of such projects.

The company offers the following services:

  • ENERGY MANAGEMENT: Processing and liaison with utility companies, tariff optimisation and green energy purchasing, energy diagnosis, design of energy saving plans and implementation of this proposals
  • AUTOMATION AND REMOTE MANAGEMENT: Management and optimisation of the facility operations, multi-potential platform, remote control of facilities and parameter monitoring from anywhere in the world, powerful database with the facility key parameters
  • POWER PLANT FACILITIES: Facilities for photovoltaic, wind, co-generation, biomass, biodigestion and biogas power plants,

Practical Team delivered the following services to CETEA:

  • Start of new business lines
  • Activity internationalisation
  • Company analysis and identification of needs
  • Advisory service
  • Market analysis
  • Strategic, Marketing, Commercial and Exports management, part-time or through participation in the outcome
  • Creation of national and export commercial and distribution networks.
  • Search for new clients
  • Development of new business lines
  • Searching private and public funding for new business lines or for new companies
  • Development of projects in clusters and collaboration
  • Training.