practicalteam25 October 2015


project description

Coordina was founded in 2000 with a focus on developing and commercializing advanced solutions for the management of companies’ mobile resources.

Coordina was pioneer in mobile phone localization solutions (with and without GPS). It currently offers a wide range of localization solutions both for mobile phones and for vehicle fleets, allowing not only for localization, but for obtainment of other vehicle information, as well.

It currently holds a localized fleet of over 30,000 devices, leading the sector in Spain.

In addition to Spain, Coordina commercializes its products in several countries such as Mexico, Chile, Germany, Portugal, and other European countries.

Its solutions are appropriate for sectors such as: transport/distribution, mobile technical services, salespersons, visitors, coordination of tasks in the construction sector, vehicle rental companies, etc.

Practical Team has provided the following services to Coordina:

  • Internationalization of business activities.