practicalteam25 October 2015


project description

eCivilis’ primary objective is the development of solutions that definitively improve the way in which services are rendered in organizations and the way in which citizens and government employees interact with them by simplifying and integrating services that were previously scattered and isolated.

eCivilis’ solutions are created to connect citizens and organizations in a way that is faster, safer, easier, and more efficient in order to allow the scalability and availability of the solutions through technologies in the cloud, adapting to different needs and clients through modular and flexible applications, planning for and drastically reducing costs and substantially increasing the satisfaction of all stakeholders interacting in the process.

To this end, eCivilis constantly evolves and innovates, without adding obstacles tochange management.

Practical Team has provided the following services to eCivilis:

  • Transformation of commercial or entrepreneurial activity
  • Product exporting
  • Internationalization of business activities
  • Consulting