practicalteam26 October 2015


project description

Entorn was founded in 1993. Since then it has been very active in the broad environmental field with a clearly integrated vision and a constant quest for environmental quality.

Its location in southern Europe, on the coast of the Mediterranean, with its climate and sociocultural conditions, has given way to very effective environmental management that values the delicate balance of environmental elements.

Entorn offers its clients engineering services and management of new waste treatment and contaminated soil processes; environmental assessment studies, worksite environment management, environmental management systems, and management of natural resources and energies.

Entorn’s clients include various public administrations and private companies from sectors such as construction, renewable energies, leisure, waste companies, real-estate firms, engineering companies, port companies, logistics companies, etc.

Practical Team has rendered the following services to Entorn:

  • Creation and development ofnew business opportunities
  • Consulting
  • Market analysis
  • Strategic management as well as marketing, business, and export management