practicalteam_gestion222 February 2016


project description

GEOSCALA CONSULTORES is a technical consulting company specialised in architecture, engineering, economy and environment. With a vast experience gained over more than 35 years and consolidated at national and European level, the GEOSCALA team use a firm international approach for the development of their activity.

The company offers the clients the services of a team of 50 senior technical specialists, 15 mid-level technicians, 8 draughtsmen and 12 administrative assistants, in their offices with over 3,000m2. It provides technical support when and where the client requires it.

The corporate headquarters are located in the Canary Islands and due to the geographical features they participated in large projects involving complex environments, with low natural resources and complex infrastructures. All this experience turned them into one of the best prepared engineering and consulting companies in the market to tackle any type of project.

Practical Team delivered the following services to Geoscala:

  • Transformation of the commercial or business activity.
  • Activity internationalisation
  • Advisory service
  • Market analysis
  • Search for new clients
  • Searching private and public information for new business lines or for new companies.
  • Development of projects in clusters and collaboration