Index Consulting

practicalteam25 October 2015


project description

Index Consulting, S.L. was founded in 2000 as a company providing computer services, but it has evolved in different sectors of IT, graphic design, management, GIS, infographics, etc., specializing in the development of design software for generic use that includes interior design and construction to calculation, graphic libraries, and GIS applications.

For this reason, Index holds a position at the top of Spanish companies focused on the development of Internet solutions.

The main application fields are: graphic environments, management, databases, industrial applications (Quality control, Communications, Results Presentation), and developments for the Internet (Databases, Websites and E-commerce).

Theirvast experience in different technological sectors also qualifies them to do consulting studies for their customers, with the objective of optimizing costs and maximizing profits of graphic development, virtual reality, GIS, ECM, B2B, languages, artificial vision, management, etc.

In all their projects and experiences they are especially known for the projection and high number of users of the interior design application,

Practical Team has provided the following services to Index Consulting:

  • Transformation of commercial or entrepreneurial activity
  • Creation and development of new business opportunities
  • Internationalization of business activities
  • Company analysis and needs assessment
  • Consulting
  • Market analysis
  • Strategic management as well as marketing, business, and export management on a part-time basis or through an interest in the results.
  • Organization and rendering of services and operative and direct marketing activities
  • Creation of business and distribution networks, both domestic and for export