Moldes Marteles

practicalteam26 October 2015


project description

MOLDES MARTELES, founded in 1967, is devoted to the design, construction, and maintenance of molds for the injection and compression of thermoplastics.

Its team consists of qualified individuals with over 35 years of experience.

Throughout the years, MOLDES MARTELES has produced over 2.000 molds designed, created, and produced for industries such as automotive, home appliances, furniture, electrical equipment, etc.

MOLDES MARTELES’ partnership with its clients is based on complete flexibility, with an ability to offer one-time servicesor all the manufacturing stages of a mold, depending on the company’s needs and consideration of the best price/cost/delivery period scenario.

Moldes Marteles has recently implemented a quality system that complies with regulation UNE-EN -ISO 9001.

Practical Team has provided the following services to Moldes Marteles:

  • Consulting
  • Internationalization of business activities