practicalteam26 October 2015

project description

PIMEC was born from the merger of the employers’ organizations PIMEC and SEFES (1997), which unify their efforts to create one single Confederation of employers, strong and representative.

It represents all the SMEs in Catalonia, comprising individual partners and over 300 joint partners, such as unions and business associations.

PIMEC is an economically independent association which provides its partners with a wide range of services by means of high-level professionals present throughout Catalonia through its 14 own localizations including headquarters and local offices.

PIMEC is present in all the consultancy and discussion forums within regional, national and European governments in order to help SMEs to be more competitive and to provide them with the necessary resources to continue being a driving force in the economy.

Practical Team has rendered the following services to PIMEC:

  • Transformation of commercial or entrepreneurial activity
  • Creation and development of new business opportunities
  • Company analysis and needs assessment
  • Consulting
  • Market analysis
  • Training