practicalteam_gestion222 February 2016


project description

PRODESA is an engineering company based in Zaragoza with branches in USA, France and Malaysia. The company activity includes all the technological steps involved in setting up industrial plants, including the design, manufacturing and supply to complete plants in the “EPC” mode:

  • Biomass processing and pre-treatment
  • Thermal drying
  • Biomass pellet production
  • Biomass cogeneration plants
  • Gas treatment

PRODESA develops integral solutions for the production of solid biofuels and for the environment protection. It is a company that right from the beginning proved to offer technologies and solutions with maximum reliability in order to obtain optimum and consistent results in the sustainable development of all its clients.

Lastly, the continuous improvement and client satisfaction is endorsed by the Quality and Environmental Integrated System.

Practical Team delivered the following services to Prodesa:

  • Activity internationalisation
  • Company analysis and identification of needs
  • Advisory service
  • Market analysis
  • Search for new clients