Sieltec Canarias

practicalteam26 October 2015


project description

Sieltec Canarias was founded in 2003 to cover a wide range of needs in the environmental engineering and consulting sector. Since 2007, the company has focused its activity on the research and development of scientific instruments after receiving several grants.

It has a team of highly qualified professionals that allows the company to offer the client a quality turnkey service in the following sectors: meteorology, air quality, solar radiation, etc.

Some services offered include: the sale and installation of instruments, maintenance, calibration, validation and exploitation of data, creation of tailored campaigns, inter-comparisons, monitoring, environmental studies and actions, training and implementation of ISO9001 and ISO14001 regulations, etc.

To this end, the company has a wide range of products containing equipment for air quality and meteorology; a wide range of solar radiation sensors; scientific, peripheral, and software dataloggers; “total sky” cameras and all types of electronic instrumentation.

Practical Team has provided the following services to Sieltec Canarias:

  • Transformation of commercial or entrepreneurial activity
  • Initiate new business opportunities
  • Product exporting
  • Internationalization of business activities
  • Consulting
  • Creation of business and distribution networks, both domestic and for export