Smart Energy

practicalteam_gestion222 February 2016

Smart Energy

project description

Smart Energy is an engineering company specialised in energy efficiency services.

The company offers advisory, consulting and energy efficiency management solutions, focusing mainly on energy audits and leveraging on their main service: the optimisation of energy supply contracts. A service that improves the annual energy contract prices for the client in order to help companies save money in the power expenditure, doing this without them having to invest any time or additional money.

The aim is to achieve a smart use of the energy and help clients to maintain the quality services they offer, whilst reducing energy consumption, thus generating both economic and environmental benefits, at individual and global level.

These are the services offered to achieve the common goal of using the energy in a smarter way.


  • Optimising energy supply contracts


  • Reactive power compensation
  • Energy diagnosis
  • Energy audits
  • Energy managements
  • Training
  • Power rating of buildings
  • ISO 50001

Practical Team delivered the following services to Smart Energy:

  • Activity internationalisation
  • Advisory service