practicalteam26 October 2015


project description

SoloStocks is the reference portal for online purchase and sale ofproducts among companies; its objective is to facilitate Business to Business e-commerce.

The company hasa large number and variety of product ads, batches, wholesale stocks and goods on sale grouped in 23 categories.

The buyer can search for and find manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, and importers or exporters offering products or services through the internet; the buyer can contact Spanish or international companies torequest no-obligation product quotes, receive email notifications when new products of interest are published, and search and find potential business partners through the company directory.

SoloStocks also offers companies the opportunity to publish their products and services catalogues. Through its B2B portal, any company can publish its identification information and product catalogue; increase and optimize online visibility; be contacted by Spanish or international companies interested in the company and/or its products; and buy and sell products without commissions or intermediaries.

Practical Team has provided the following services to SoloStocks:

  • Internationalization of business activities
  • Consulting