practicalteam_gestion222 February 2016


project description

Tafyesa S.L. is a service company specialised in engineering and innovation for the automation and remote management sector. Its projects typically show an efficient integration of automatons, software and communication networks that allows the affected systems reaching an optimum performance with a minimal power consumption.

Tafyesa’s technical and logistic solvency is endorsed by its over 30 years’ experience in the industrial service sector, participating in important projects of great relevance for the public and private sector in Spain and other European countries.

The firm focus of Tafyesa on energy saving and efficiency in a global framework of sustainable development, allows its clients to benefit from a cost saving of up to 70%, as well as to actively participate in a better use of their energy resources, with services that are safe and have high levels of quality, in a scenario of commitment to the environment.

The services offered follow three key directions:

  • Reduction of production, management and maintenance costs
  • Optimisation of the energy and production performance
  • Improvement of safety levels

This service level offer is possible because Tafyesa covers all the levels and components involved in the project development process, thus allowing an important reduction of costs and implementation terms.

Practical Team delivered the following services to Tafyesa:

  • Start of new business lines
  • Activity internationalisation
  • Searching private and public funding for new business lines or for new companies
  • Development of projects in clusters and collaboration