Técnicas Competitivas

practicalteam25 October 2015


project description

Since its foundation, Técnicas Competitivas has been devoted to providing services and developing products related to information and communication technologies, especially in the Health, Security and Emergency fields.

In the first field they offer their Holistic Vision of Health supported by Information Systems, R&D, and DiagnosticTechnology in a wide range of patient-oriented healthcare solutions and services.

Técnicas Competitivas assists healthcare professionals with the organization of their functional units, making extensive use of new technologies and providing managers with tools that are easy-to-use, fast, and secure.

Técnicas Competitivas offers IT services and solutions such as insurance cards, prior appointments, electronic medical records and prescriptions, online patient portal, management of social and health centers, telemedicine, Remav, advance directives, temporary disability, etc.

In the security and emergency field, Técnicas Competitivas specializes in consulting, installation and maintenance of different Telecom services such as professional networks including trunking, Tetra, DMR, broadband Internet access services through WIMAX, applications to manage and control emergency rooms, and other innovative solutions that integrate NTICS, software, and telecoms.

Practical Team has provided the following services to Técnicas Competitivas:

  • Transformation of commercial or entrepreneurial activity
  • Creation and development of new business opportunities
  • Product exporting
  • Internationalization of business activities
  • Company analysis and needs assessment
  • Consulting
  • Market analysis
  • Strategic management as well as marketing, business, and export management on a part-time basis or through an interest in the results.
  • Search for new clients
  • Search for suppliers for new business activities
  • Search for public and private funding for new business opportunities or companies Development of cluster and cooperation projects
  • Recruitment and selection of personnel