practicalteam25 October 2015


project description

TicSalut intends to achieve total incorporation of the Catalan sanitary system to the knowledge society.

Its general objective is to promote the development and use of information and communication technologies (ICT) and networking in the health sector, moving towards a model based on personal and human attention for all citizens.

TicSalut develops criteria, strategic guidelines, and useful information for decision making regarding information and communication technologies within the healthcare sector. The companyoffers technical support to the Administration, users and providers of technological solutions; it presents leading technological applications in the healthcare sector that facilitate the rapid exchange of knowledge between healthcare and professional centers, improving healthcare for all citizens and promoting the movement of information to reach the highest degree of diagnostic efficiency.

TicSalut works in a network with other organizations from Spain, Europe, and across the globe.

Practical Team has collaborated withTicSalut in the development of cluster and cooperation projects.