Virtual Fly

practicalteam_gestion222 February 2016

Virtual Fly

project description

Virtual Fly is a national company that started its activity in 2004, researching and developing full-motion flight simulators. Since then they manage to improve and perfect their technology, progressing towards more realistic and ground breaking prototypes, until developing the latest simulator, the OVO-04. Virtual Fly has a R&D centre located at 30 miles from Barcelona and it includes a “Show Room” space where it is possible to experience the latest products. Within the business group, the activity is complemented with a flying school run by AirCatFly. The school allows obtaining sport flying licences and taking advanced training.

Practical Team delivered the following services to Virtual Fly:

  • Transformation of the commercial or business activity
  • Start and development of new business lines
  • Product export
  • Activity internationalisation
  • Company analysis and identification of needs
  • Advisory service
  • Market analysis
  • Strategic, Marketing, Commercial and Exports management, part-time or through participation in the outcome
  • Organising and rendering services and activities related to direct and operational marketing
  • Creation of national and export commercial and distribution networks
  • Searching providers for new business activities
  • Searching private and public funding for new business lines or for new companies
  • Development of projects in clusters and collaboration
  • Staff selection and recruitment