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About us

Practical Team is made up of specialised, independent and autonomous professionals who provide in each case what the client needs according to the strategic plan, business plan or company plan defined.

We operate under the philosophy of Projects and Objectives through two options in which we make your company “ours”, always working together with the first level of management of the company:

  • Complementing an existing team within the company and developing specific functions for specific and defined objectives.
  • We become the professional team that the company needs and not the one it would be forced to have to define and/or implement projects of these characteristics.

We respond to any type of company and sector and especially to entrepreneurs and SMEs in need:

  • Transform your business or enterprise.
  • Initiate new avenues of business.
  • Export your products.
  • Internationalise its activity.
  • Promote or publicise your portfolio of products or services.