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Practical Team operates under the Outsourcing Model,


Outsourcing or externalisation is the process by which a company moves or assigns resources to an external company, by means of a contract, in order to fulfil certain tasks. To do so, they can either hire only the staff, in which case the resources would be provided by the client (facilities, hardware and software), or hire both staff and resources.

Outsourcing in Marketing and Management allows you to outsource only tasks, processes or even the entire marketing and business management function.

The Outsourcing formula combined with the Practical Team model is highly profitable and useful, especially in the case of SMEs, because:

  • It reduces fixed costs and converts an important part of the company’s costs into variable costs.
  • It is a less risky model for the SME (lower fixed costs).
  • It allows for better quality input, thanks to the wealth of experience Practical Team has gained from working with different clients from a multitude of sectors.
  • The client company has a pool of truly qualified professionals without the risks and difficulties associated with creating permanent jobs.
  • It reduces decision-making time.
  • As a result, productivity increases.
  • It allows the company and its management to concentrate on its day-to-day business or on the activities it considers most valuable or critical.
  • Flexibility and productivity, both because of the mentality of Practical Team’s staff and the characteristics of the model used.