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Business Development in Emerging Markets

desarrollo_de_negocio_en_mercados_emergentes_244x232The lack of knowledge about a new market, the absence of established relationships and trading experience and the vast amount of resources required, are usually the main reasons for companies to give up their internationalisation process into emerging markets.

Due to this, companies that wish to start exporting, accelerate their internationalisation process or establish themselves in a new emerging market can receive Practical Team’s assistance to do so in the fastest and most effective way.

Companies wishing to export, accelerate their process or establish themselves in these markets will benefit from:

  • Support at the source and at the destination.
  • Local market knowledge.
  • Broad experience within business development and internationalization processes.
  • Strong relationships with local institutions.
  • Compliance with regulations and non-tariff barriers in a quicker and more economical way.
  • Reduction of the adaptation period to the market and reduction of the opportunity cost due to risks.
  • Greater flexibility and speed in the internationalization process