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Commercial Services

Practical Team specializes in rendering diverse commercial services adapted to the company’s needs and situation. Among others, the aspects in which we can assist you are:

vin?eta Staff Recruitment and Outsourcing of Specific Functions

The employee base of a company is a fundamental pillar in the good performance of a business. It is a delicate process given that it is necessary to find people capable of performing their job successfully and who share the company’s mission and vision. Practical Team collaborates with management in the recruitment of key staff members for commercial, export and business activities and provides, if necessary, coverage of specific functions for the company on a temporary basis applying an outsourced arrangement.

This way companies benefit from the possibility of having executive personnel on board when necessary, that leave once the assigned project has concluded.

This scenario allows firms to have specific and dedicated professionals in Marketing Management, Export Management and Strategic Management, only during the required period of time to perform a specific mandate, thus avoiding all the costs incurred when recruiting staff directly.

vin?eta Creation of Commercial Networks  


Within a commercial operation framework, Practical Team can help you create commercial and/or distribution networks for your products and services, both at a national and at an international level. Practical Team identifies the most appropriate channels, taking into consideration the characteristics of your company and of the product or services you intend to commercialize. We therefore first find out how the market is distributed, in order to decide what type of sales force, commercial operators and distribution channels are needed to obtain the best results from their management, always in line with the company’s commercial policies.


vin?eta Search for New Clients and Suppliers


Another task in which Practical Team can assist you with is in the search of new clients and suppliers to specifically match the product or service that each company commercializes. Companies tend to lack specific tools and time required to achieve this. At Practical Team we are specialists in carrying out such tasks: we perform market studies with the purpose of identifying new niche markets to which successfully direct the promotion of your products or services. We use different channels of information and methods for data collection with the purpose of identifying potential clients and/or suppliers and to verify their situation and validity. In summary, we help you create and maintain a useful and up to date database.