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On-line Marketing

On-line marketing is a marketing branch that utilizes techniques for the sale of products and/or services, aimed at a target audience that uses the Internet and other social media tools.

When launching an online campaign, we should pay attention to some important aspects:


Having a web page that is user friendly, that is to say, intuitive, that present no browsing problems and that has a good structure in the content it holds to facilitate the searching process for the user. Furthermore, it should be managed in a way that makes it is easy to highlight new or important content.

Performing SEO activities is important in order to achieve a good natural positioning in the main search engines. The SEM alternative, which involves paying for better visibility within the browsers, is convenient in cases where an immediate result is sought; or if there is a desire to segment the audience you want to reach (for example, by geographical area.)

Using Social Networks, to perform promotion campaigns (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc.); to perform email marketing and e-advertising campaigns, etc.

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