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Practical Nedex New Business in Europe Services

PracticalNedex_320x253Becoming international is one of the main paths for growth and expansion of any company, both inside and outside Spain and Europe.

For this reason, Practical Team, with its PracticalNedex service, assists non-European companies to develop and implant new products, services and businesses in Europe. With this inverse conversion to internationalization, Practical Team joins up its experience in business development and internationalization together with its knowledge of commercial, productive and logistics in the European market offered by its team, clients and partners.

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PracticalNedex’s services are based on the development of new products, services and businesses in Europe, but also additionally clients can request supplementary services:

Non-European companies who wish to import into Europe via PracticalNedex will enjoy a series of advantages:

  • Greater speed, less cost and less risk in the development of new products, services and businesses in Europe.
  • Improvement in the commercial and productive process thanks to the local human team -which is technically qualified- and the excellent information on the market.
  • Simplification of administration, reduction in opportunity costs and reduction in costs (process, stock products, administration, logistics…)
  • Efficiency in production thanks to the application of product or service formats and production/delivery in conjunction with companies based in Europe.
  • European quality: Increased speed and efficiency at less cost.
    • Product and service certification granted by European producers or providers.
    • Image and reputation of proximity thanks to the collaboration with European companies.
  • Reasonable costs thanks to the support of Practical Team in local companies with which they often operate, the entire control and process simplification, as well as production in small quantities and performance in determined areas.